30cm Buffalo Braids with chicken


Anco Buffalo Braids with Chicken can be a great way to include some essential protein in to your dog’s diet as they have such a high natural protein concentration. Protein is essential for supporting muscle development and repair, and providing them with energy, while also having a super low fat content, Anco Buffalo Braids are an excellent guilt free treat. Made with Buffalo skin and added Chicken meat that has been braided together making it slightly more durable whilst also offering an extra level of excitement and challenge, helping your dog to stay entertained as they indulge. With the added chicken, adds another excellent source of protein and contains several nutrients that can help maintain your dog’s overall health, including vitamin B6, vitamin B3, and zinc – which can help play an essential role in supporting your dogs overall health and well-being as well as aiding metabolism, cognitive functioning and a healthy coat and skin.

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